Preparación para el exámen Financial English

Strong English communication skills are critical for growth and success of any organisation despite its location, size and objective. With the emerging flow of globalisation, English competency has become a crucial skill for the workplace. Banks rely on effective communication and interaction between sales executives, product teams, back-office staff, partners, clients and vendors.

The English language assessment can be tailored to the needs of specific industries. It can be delivered globally through an interactive test platform that allows you to:

  • identify the English language skills, strengths and weaknesses of your staff
  • adapt the test to assess only the skills that are relevant to your organisation’s needs
  • enhance return on investment by focusing your training on the right areas.

Business English for your company

The course groups are divided into four:

  • Beginners group
  • Pre-intermediate group
  • Intermediate group
  • Advanced group

Before the employees can be selected for their appropriate groups, they were required to assess their 4 core skills.

Identify the English level of your staff