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¿Cuál es tu nivel de inglés? Averígualo con nuestra prueba de nivel para nuevos alumnos. También te orientaremos para que puedas elegir el curso que mejor se adapta a ti.
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Cambridge English Qualifications are in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding.


Designed to help professionals develop the English language skills to communicate confidently in an international workplace, our business qualifications prove to employers that you have the English language skills to succeed.

Accepted worldwide

The BEC qualifications are accepted and trusted by thousands of leading employers and organisations worldwide. They are a mark of excellence, opening doors and giving you the skills and confidence to thrive.

Global business communication

Practice materials

Your path to learning English, step by step

B1 Business Preliminary

This qualification shows that you have mastered the basics of business English.

B2 Business Vantage

This qualification will help you when applying for new jobs, getting a promotion or to develop your career.

C1 Business Higher

This qualification gives you the practical language skills you need to operate confidently at a senior level in global business.


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