1- Could you tell me your surname?

2- This plant looks dead.

3- I hope it doesn't rain.

4- Are you going to come inside soon?

5- Who gave you this book, Lucy?

6- Shall we go out for pizza tonight?

7- Do you mind if I come too?

8- There's someone at the door.

9- How much butter do I need for this cake?

10- How long are you here for?

11- Have you guys had enough to eat?

12- That's my coat over there.

13- .Let's go by bus.

14- Do you know my brother Charlie?

15- Would you like some ice in your drink or not?

16- I hope I haven't ...... you any trouble by changing the arrangements.

17- The floor is wet: don't run or you might ...... !

18- When you come to my house, ...... your camera with you.

19- Paul arrived at the shop ....... as the manager was closing for the day.

20- I would ...... to stay at home and relax for a change.

21- Is there ...... of food for everyone?

22- Lily says she's happy at school but she's ...... complaining.

23- ...... the step when you go in.

24- ...... stay the night if it's too difficult to get home.

25- No ...... Hannah is happy when you think how many prizes she has won recently.